New music on the way…5 new records!

I’ve been hard at work finishing up some long-overdue albums. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Void Ensemble record is done! Beautiful mastering job by Matthew Azevedo– Actual Wizard. No word on a label I can share yet…but soon!
  • Duo with Elisa Faires will finish mixing this week before she goes back to the west coast to play some of our old haunts. I am really jealous, I must say. It’s sounding great, and I’m excited to announce that Bobby Rayfield of Inherent Records will be adding his talents!
  • Finished up the tracking for Death and the Reverend, my friend Justin Blowers’ new record- this album is sounding great! Spooky heavy stuff.
  • Set recording time for the new Divine Circles record with Travis Kammeyer at Fahrenheit Studio– mid October! The full band really is shaping up, and I can’t wait to get in the studio.
  • The record I produced with Tiziana Severse and her band Yours Truly has been mastered! Great job by Patrick Kuckuka, Andy Bishop, and James Plotkin. Look for an October release!

That’s it…busy over here.

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