Meg Mulhearn is a composer who performs as Divine Circles and as a member of U.S. Christmas, Judas Horse, Lunar Creature, Void Ensemble, and Spectral Habitat. Music she has been involved with has been released by Neurot Recordings, Relapse Records, Paradigms Recordings, Inherent Records, Sequel, and Hooker Vision, among others. She has also composed strings for albums spanning many genres. 

Oblivion Songs, her first album as Divine Circles, was described as “a beautiful collection of intimate and experimental songcraft filtered through the Appalachian dusk.” Mulhearn was profiled by Jason Heller at AV Club , and her track “Midwest” was chosen as one of Pitchfork/NPR writer Kim Kelly’s top tracks of the decade in “My Decade in Music so Far.” In July 2017 she finished a new Divine Circles album; plans for this release are forthcoming.

 In 2016, Mulhearn formed Void Ensemble, which released its first piece in a nine-album series; the group premiered live at Black Mountain College’s Interlude Festival. She also composed and performed the music for choreographer Sara Baird’s dance piece Godai, which premiered at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art. She also recently worked with Ross Gentry (Villages, Nest Egg) on the score to NYS3’s production of the play “Fiction.”

Recent composing work includes a score for the short film, “Lily,” for Skullthunder Films, awarded Best Original Score at the International 100 Hour Film Race. She also composed and performed strings for The Cavern by Inter Arma, Visitors are Allowed One Kiss by Clara Engel, Coffin Wisdom by Generation of Vipers, Destroyers of the Moon by Owlfood, and Death and the Reverend. She also produced and composed strings for Holophrase, the debut release from Yours Truly, and worked as a production consultant on Adrienne Ammerman’s album The Hookand Lush Agave‘s forthcoming album.