Meg Mulhearn is a composer, performing, and recording artist based in Asheville, NC. 

After studying violin in school orchestras, Mulhearn put a pickup on her violin, started investigating new textures by working with effects pedals, and began touring the country for more than a decade with heavier and more experimental acts. She also composed and performed strings for others in the heavy music world, such as Inter Arma, Bask, Autarch, and Generation of Vipers. Music she has been involved with has been released on Neurot Recordings, Relapse Records, Paradigms Recordings, Season of Mist, Inherent Records, Sequel, Hooker Vision, and Verses Records, among others, and she has performed at many festivals and arts series.

Aptly described as a “genre-agnostic” musician, Mulhearn continues to move between scenes and spaces. In 2014, she released Oblivion Songs under the name Divine Circles, a name which continues to house her song-based compositions. This album, described as “a beautiful collection of intimate and experimental songcraft filtered through the Appalachian dusk,” garnered significant critical praise. A second album is forthcoming in 2020. 

Mulhearn regularly collaborates with artists across mediums. In 2016, Mulhearn formed Void Ensemble, which released its first piece in a nine-album series on the experimental label Sequel. She composed and performed the music for choreographer Sara Baird’s dance piece Godai, with funding from The National Endowment for The Arts, which premiered at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art. She recently started discovering new sounds with modular synthesizer, performing at the Make Noise 10th Anniversary Celebration alongside Tyondai Braxton, Bana Haffar, and Moe Espinosa, at Moogfest Modular on the Spot, and Penland School of Craft as part of synth pioneer Make Noise’s collaboration Compose/Decompose with artist Ele Annand. 

Committed to helping other artists, she also produced and composed strings for Holophrase, the debut release from Yours Truly, and worked as a production consultant on Adrienne Ammerman’s album The Hook, and Lush Agave’s Songs for a Moon.  Mulhearn also collaborates with filmmakers.

Mulhearn’s current live projects include Spectral Habitat, a dynamically-rich duo with vocalist and sound artist Elisa Faires calling upon influences from classical music, drone, and beyond, and Lunar Creature, a guitar, violin, and synth soundscape duo with David James Lynch.