Upcoming Shows

Come out and say hi… 3/17- The Garage- with Tashi Dorji, 1970s Film Stock– advance tickets here 3/18- The Mothlight-  with Hans-Joachim Roedelius– advance tickets here 3/19- The Mothlight- with Emily Reo and Adrienne Ammerman  5/19-June 1- European tour with Aerial Ruin– schedule soon!

New music on the way…5 new records!

I’ve been hard at work finishing up some long-overdue albums. Here’s the breakdown: Void Ensemble record is done! Beautiful mastering job by Matthew Azevedo– Actual Wizard. No word on a label I can share yet…but soon! Duo with Elisa Faires will finish mixing this week before she goes back to the west coast to play some […]